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This week in the Interprize Newsletter:

Purpose: Finding purpose builds self-esteem and strengthens confidence in our life direction.
Challenge: The merits of pursuing impossible ventures are explored in this brilliant NYT article.
Wellness: Check out this quick poster primer on how to meditate. Simple and easy.
Grit: A Navy SEAL talks about how it’s developed in the elite of the elite.

interprize-logo-highres-small2A Word From The Group

The NYT essay below on the pursuit of lost causes gave me great comfort and provoked a lot of self reflection through this past week. I’ve been tilting at windmills since my youth, often with predictable failure, and that’s a healthy compulsion according to 19th century Spanish philosopher Unamuno. If, like Quixote, we abandon common-sense and take on impossible ambitions, we start the necessary first step in disassociating the value of the fight with the odds of success. Impossible dreamer? Read this article now.


Why People Who Have a Life Purpose Have Higher Self-Esteem


To read the article and see Jennifer’s 8 signs that you’re pursuing your life purpose click here.

In Praise Of Lost Causes

qoixiticMany of our big life ambitions are pursuits of folly, and that’s okay. Mariana Alessandri writes, “Quixote fought giants because he could not, in good conscience, not fight them. We can similarly transform ourselves into quixotic pessimists — the kind who are called dreamers, idealists or lunatics — by reading more, rejecting common sense and reinterpreting what constitutes a waste of time.  Praise be to uncertain successes and to certain failures alike.” 

To read this article click here. 


Find a purpose to serve, not a lifestyle to live.

  • Criss Jami

how-to-meditate-a-visual-guide-prints (1)How To Meditate

This easy to read poster provides 9 basic steps for learning how to meditate. Simple stuff, but meditation should indeed be simple and easy. Relax, breath!

To see the poster click here.

A Navy SEAL Explains 8 Secrets To Grit And Resilience

navy sealsThe emerging science of grit and resilience is teaching us a lot about why some people redouble their efforts when the rest of us are heading for the door.

Research is great, but it’s always nice to talk to someone who’s been there firsthand, and to see how theory holds up against reality. So who knows about grit and persistence? Navy SEALs, and Eric Barker had just the friend to call.

To read his article click here.


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