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what now and how?

Self evaluation

Understanding ourselves is Step 1 in deciding what’s next. The following resources can help us better appreciate our natural strengths, personality styles, and innate interests.

VIA Survey of Character Strengths

[click here to access]

Provides a ranking of 24 core personality strengths that define your authentic power base. Play to your strengths! The signup at UPENN’s testing center is quick and easy.

Authentic Happiness Inventory 

[click here to access]

Measures the overall level of happiness in your life. Also at UPENN’s Center for Positive Psychology.

Wheel of Life

[click here to access]

Reflects the imbalance between your current life and that which you define as ideal along those dimensions you deem most important: friendships, love, work, spirituality, recreation, income …. .

Social Style Assessment

[click here to access]

Helps define your personal style – control freak, peacemaker, …? – and how to work effectively with others who are key to your interprize execution.

Stages of Launch

[click here to access]

Helps define the stage of pursuit of your interprize project, from just starting to consider through to full execution.

Eulogy Workbook

[click here to access]

Helps plan your vision of the perfect final adieu, and more importantly checks the harmony between the legacy you imagine and life you're living today.

Interprize Planning

A detailed, thorough business model is needed by any startup before launching the enterprise. The success of our personal interprize ambitions calls for the same considerations: what is our true value, who are our customers and partners, where are the threats and how big are the opportunities, what resources/skills/assets do we bring and what do we still need to add?

Interprize Workbook

[click here to download]

This workbook used in our Interprize Workshops. It will help you think through all of the key elements of your Interprize plan.

Interprize Model Canvas

[click here to download]

In 1 easy diagram, the canvas helps visualize and present the strategic considerations for your Interprize plan. Adapted from the Business Model Canvas from the book “Business Model Generation”, Osterwalder and Pigneur, 2010.

Positive Psychology and Wellness

Staying healthy and happy is key to sustaining the pursuit of your grand life ambitions. These resources provide the latest thinking in the areas of health, wellness, happiness, and nutrition.


[click here to access]

This workbook used in our Interprize Workshops. It will help you think through all of the key elements of your Interprize plan.

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