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The Interprize Group


Life is Short
Make Yours Matter

2024 South of France Workshops

Introduction to Interpreneurship class at the Sorbonne CELSA.

At midlife and asking, 
what now and how?

Make this a pivot year for new bearings and bold plans.

Our program will help you explore, define, and pursue your vision of a truly authentic and engaged life: your Interprize.

We offer the tools, courage, community, and events that enable 2 VERY BIG THINGS:

Your midlife reboot

Our program provokes thinking in unconventional (sometime uncomfortable) modes that get you energized, creative, and piloting your own future. Deciding on what you do, where you live, and whom you love (yes, also critical!) are just the start to reframing your life. 

what goes, what stays, and your leap to what's next

Your interprize

We adapt the best practices of startup creation to help you imagine, frame, execute, and continually improve on a life-defining legacy project. By folding in the latest concepts on emotional and physical well-being, you’ll be empowered and resilient for the challenging journey ahead.

the pursuit of a daring ambition of deep personal meaning

our Foundation

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What you cannot not do.

It’s about waking each morning abuzz with anticipation for the day ahead, … about working into the night, exhausted but still excited. It’s about creating something of deep meaning, something that plays to your strengths and fills you with adrenalin. Passion is the fuel for the pursuit of your grand ambition, your Interprize.

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Commitment to a grand ambition demands most of our time and all of our energy. Without physical and emotional balance we quickly exhaust and lose our bearings.

A healthy diet for the body and soul, through practiced optimism, kitchen confidence, mindfulness, online decoupling, fitness and resilience, … these are key to an interprize that thrives and endures, and key to our philosophy and program.

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What you are obliged to do.
Each of us is better positioned to achieve at least 1 thing than anyone else on this planet. It is simply a combination of our unique genetic abilities gifted at birth plus those distinctive skills, experiences, education, and connections acquired through life.

Power those assets with your deepest passion and you will set the world ablaze. And isn’t this your gift and obligation to world?


our story

The Interprize Group was founded in 2013 by Bill Magill. A reformed Silicon Valley venture investor, Bill is now living simply and bountifully in Provence, France. He is fascinated with the notions of self-realization and how we flourish; of personal worth as opposed to acquired wealth.​

Our programs are built on a foundation of startup methodology - adapted to you and your grand life ambitions -  coupled with emerging concepts of positive psychology and wellness. 

Everything we do at the group works holistically to strengthen the passion, balance, and purpose in the lives of our community members.

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