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3 New Books From the Mind of Magill

I finished 2023 in a harried frenzy to get 3 new (kinda) books into the world. I am as committed to deadlines as I am distracted at meeting them. But met them I did (with help and prodding from family and friends) and here are the results, with a short promo blurb on each. Note that all 3 books are available for free download in the Books page of this website.

Postcards from a Runaway, Provence Chronicles Vol. 1. (2011-2013)

At age 50, I walked away from a high-profile investment career and a lifetime of accumulated stuff and relocated to Provence, France. I was in search of a simpler, deeper, more authentic life, ... one full of passion and a richer sense of purpose. Writing became part daily structure, part self-therapy, and laid the foundation for a collection of essays - postcards - on bewilderment at midlife and the search for what truly matters.

This compilation of the first 30 postcards chronicles the early experiences of my new life in the land of rosé and lavender fields. Compilations of subsequent essays will be released through 2024.

Where Now & How?

Through 2023 I wrote a series of 12 experiments for those at a life inflection point and imagining a pivot toward grand, unexplored ambitions of deep personal meaning. These 12 experiments, published monthly here on my Substack, were intended to help you draw maps, uncover truths, build plans, fuel motivation, strengthen resilience, and have a lot of fun.The posts have been compiled into a book - “Where Now & How?” - for easier reading. Note that audio versions of these experiments are only available in the original Substack posts.

The Deep Tech Playbook, First Edition

One hat on my rack is that of university professor. More specifically, I teach courses and lead workshops on the topic of technology commercialisation; how to create a startup around a deep science innovation. The “Deep Tech Playbook” is an action-oriented manual that provides a step-by-step guide to the market and product essentials for the commercial launch of science-based innovations.  It will help aspiring entrepreneurs build go-to-market strategies for their deep tech disruptions. The Playbook is based on my 25-plus years in the industry, mentoring founders, investing in startups, and co-leading programs on the art of deep tech venturing at INSEAD, one of the world’s leading business schools. 

Many new projects beckon for 2024, including continuing my regular Substack posts. I should have a new essay published by mid-month, keeping in mind my comment above about commitments and distractions. I’m wishing all my readers a 2024 marked by outlandish plans, good health, and much happiness.

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